Every book you rent is donated to NGO

NGO Help:

Every book that you rent on Bookabook is donated to NGO’s and other organizations. We are fighting functional illiteracy which has reached one of five Indian. People can’t even afford to read a fairy tale to their children. Also we all have so many books at our home that we don’t even bother so we are allowing even our users to donate books which will be delivered to NGO’s by us for free of cost. “There is magic where ever you look, all you need is a book”, so we are trying to fight illiteracy and making sure everyone gets magic of knowledge via books. Everyone needs mentor in their life; well books are the best ones.

It’s a simple one step process, when our delivery agent comes to deliver your books, simply handover the book that you want to donate to our agent and it will be packed and delivered to NGO by us. Currently we are allowing only one book per transaction for donation.