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“Creativity is indeed the child of pain”

Bookabook is an online market place where people can buy as well as rent books. We have over half million titles available with us right now. Why books? Well we all love books & it is always good to do something you love. More importantly books are part of everyone’s life.

We are often tangled with what to do with the books after reading them, because most of the people don’t bother about books after reading, it gets old lying somewhere in some shelf or best case someone borrows it to never return it back; well it all stops now.

 With Bookabook you can rent books at upto 80% that means you get to read 3-4 books at the price of one book. The problem with Library is it’s complicated with so many Terms & Conditions,like paying membership charges, getting old books, also it is you who has to pick up and return the books. But with Bookabook it’s like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, the site itself is very intuitive which can be accessed easily by people in age group of 10 to 70 years old, it’s that easy .It’s amazing how we pre & post process all our books so that you never get old books (In any case you receive old book, your money will be refunded*).

Bookabook provide two way free shipping* so books are delivered as well as picked up from your location with no hassle. Logistics plays a major role when it comes to service and that is why Bookabook has committed to deliver all the books on time, you no longer have to wait for 7-9 days for your books to be delivered.

Every book that you rent on Bookabook is donated to NGOs and other organisations. We are fighting functional illiteracy which has reached one of five Indian. People can’t even afford to read fairy tale to their children. We all have so many books at our home that we don’t even read so we are allowing even our users to donate books which will be delivered to NGOs by us for free of cost. “There is magic where ever you look, all you need is a book”, so we are trying to fight illiteracy and making sure everyone gets magic of knowledge via books. Everyone needs mentor in their life; well books are the best ones. 

When you Bookabook you get to read books at upto 80% which is cheaper than pirated books. The incidence of book piracy in the country is on the rise. So much so that one fourth of India’s entire book market is dominated by pirated books.The damage is real and demonstrable and undercuts the economic foundation of the most creative and vibrant book industry in the world.When consumers buy the real thing, everyone wins – not only the fan who bought an original edition of book, but also the enormous cast of industry players working behind the scenes to bring excellent writing to your eyes.

That cast includes writers, marketing specialists, producers, publishers and everyone else involved in making a successful book. So we are fighting piracy as well and with help of all book lovers it can be defeated.


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